I’m a ronin hacker, and an indie game developer.

I try to better the software development craft by presenting, blogging, contributing to open source, tweeting, and screencasts.


NodeJS by Example
A list of NodeJS apps I've built to help you get started with the platform

A Dark Room for iOS
Official release of A Dark Room on iOS


I'd Give Anything.... 30 Nov 2014
Rebooting Life (Part 2) 16 Mar 2014
Raising Awareness, the Blind use iOS Devices 29 Dec 2013
TDD - The Wombo Combo of Software Development 06 Oct 2013
Perception is Reality - .Net OSS is DOA 19 Sep 2013
GTD - Genin Tsuikyu Dammit! 09 Aug 2013
The Microsoft Manifesto 01 Aug 2013
Why So Mean 23 Jul 2013
Rebooting Life 14 Jul 2013

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