Hey there.
(pssst... scroll down genius)
My name is Amir.
I'm an indie game developer.
And a storyteller.

I built a minimalist
text based RPG called

Out of sheer dumb luck,
this somehow went viral
and became the #1 game
in the App Store.

The obvious follow up
to a success like that,
is to troll everyone with
a stupidly difficult prequel:

For some reason, that
was also well received.

People compare it to
Dark Souls. Mission.

So I took things to the next level.
And built a game about
a bouncing circle!

A Noble Circle

It's a rhythm based
game inspired by Edwin
Abbott's satirical
novella, Flatland.
These games are my
heart and soul, painted
on a digital canvas of
1's and 0's.
No Ads.
No In App Purchases.
Just $0.99.
Come escape to the
worlds I've created
for you.

A Dark Room

The Ensign

A Noble Circle